Learning To Feed The Spiders

"Learning To Feed The Spiders"If you have been involved with internet marketing for a short period of time you will be familiar with the term, learning to feed the spiders and perhaps wondered what it meant. You will be happy to know that it doesn’t involve any creepy crawlies but instead, providing the the search engines with exactly what they are looking for with regards to the niche that you are involved with.

Let’s look at the number one search engine, Google. It sends out what are commonly referred to as spiders to crawl through the millions of websites and blogs that are out there to check on the content and if it is applicable for people who are using the search engine to find exactly what it is that they are looking for.

Learning to feed the spiders means that you need to ensure that your content is on the subject that it is meant to be, and to let the spiders know that this is the case you should include some of your key words and phrases within this content. Don’t fall into the trap of writing content which is stuffed full of keywords and phrases because that will have the complete opposite effect and Google will view your website as being of a poor quality and the search engine rankings will reflect this.

To some extent, supplying content which has lots of keywords and phrases in it may have worked in the past but now it is completely the opposite. Google have let it be known that it really is quality that counts so you should take the hint and act accordingly.

When learning to feed the spiders, don’t worry as to whether the spiders will find you or not because they will. Something that you could do though so that it is easier for them to find what they are looking for is to make sure that you have a site map in place. That way, when the spiders arrive they can easily work their way through your blog or website and come to the conclusion that you should be rewarded with high ranking search engine positions.

Learning to feed the spiders is something that will pay you off many times over so it is definitely something that you learn as soon as possible, it is easy to do and that little bit of effort really will make all of the difference.

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