Keeping Your SEO White Hat

"Keeping Your SEO White Hat"When first starting your site or when you are trying to redevelop it, there are many different tactics that are at your disposal. It is important to hire a company like DMS Publishing to help you with the development of your site so that you can be sure you are only using the most useful and acceptable SEO tactics for it’s development. There are some companies who use SEO tactics that are considered deceitful and wrong. They will tell you that they can help your site to get increased traffic in a very short period and that your site will soar up the search engine results pages. There is a good chance that initially, they will be able to help your site get increased traffic and jump in ranking. When the search engine determines that Black Hat SEO Tactics are being used, they may block your site from view, penalize your site’s ranking, or deindex your site altogether. If your site is deindexed, there is a good chance that it will take a very long time before the search engine will recognize it as a valid site again.

Using White Hat SEO tactics is the best way for you to be sure your site is gaining traffic and ranking the right way. There are many very easy SEO tactics that can be utilized right away. Linking is one crucial tactic that your site needs to utilize to its fullest potential. You can link with other reputable companies and even link to your own site. The more credible linking your site has, the more it will be recognized by the search engines. The companies who use Black Hat SEO tactics will want to link your site to every site that is willing to link to your site. This is not a good route to take because the search engines are smart enough to figure out when you are linking to sites that are similar to yours and when you are simply linking to any site possible. Linking to sites similar to yours will help to increase your site ranking.

Another key White Hat SEO tactic is to use keywords appropriately. Search engines will recognize the keywords and tags that you use for your site as being valid or fluff keywords. Adding keywords simply because they are popular search words will not help your site to gain rank. The search engines know and recognize all of the negative Black Hat SEO tactics and make sure that sites that use them do not receive any recognition or rank for their poor SEO tactics.

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