Keeping Your SEO Methods Manual And Avoiding The Automated Culture

"keeping your seo methods manual and avoiding the automated culture"Over the years I have seen so many tools which promise to help you get to the top of the search engines, you know the kind of thing that I am talking about, two clicks of the mouse and you will have a flood of traffic to your website and that you wouldn’t be able to stop this traffic even if you wanted to!

Whilst some of these tools such as the ones which carry out keyword research are actually quite good, the vast majority of the others are nothing more than a complete rip off and should be avoided at all costs.

A lot has been said about the internet marketing lifestyle where you are making money around the clock and these automated tools are riding on the coat tails of that, but you will find that you reach your goals far more quickly by going down the manual road, as strange as that may seem!

As an example, let’s look at these content spinners that all of the gurus were promoting until recently, you basically put an article into the spinner and it spat out thousands of versions with each one being so original that they would always pass any copyscape tests. It sounds brilliant doesn’t it, and the answer to many people’s dreams, the only problem was though, the articles which had been produced made absolutely no sense at all.

I know of marketers who had hundreds of websites, each one populated with this kind of content, for a while they were living the internet dream, making lots of money off affiliate programmes and Google Adsense until they woke one morning to see that their income had gone down to zero as Google had de-indexed all of their websites, to say that these people were stunned would have to be the under statement of the year.

It is far better to either write the content yourself or get it outsourced, the same thing goes to building back links to your website, don’t use any of these tools which will get you hundreds of links from which are basically spam farms, if you do, Goggle will punish you accordingly.

If you keep your SEO efforts on the manual side, it may take a little longer for you to see results but you will still be going strong when the automated crowd are standing on the sidelines as they don’t have a business anymore.

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