Just Who Is Using Twitter?

"twitter survey women popular"A new study by beevolve has looked into exactly who is using Twitter around the world.

The “Exhaustive Study of Twitter Users Across the World” by beevolve looked at a massive 36 million Twitter users profiles to be able to better understand the average profile of a person who is using Twitter.

According to beevolve the company were able to “crunch numbers and generate insights which we believe hasn’t been conducted to such a large scale till date.”

The statement from beevolve continued: “With Twitter experiencing such explosive growth in the last few years, our team decided to conduct a more comprehensive study by significantly increasing the sample size.

“This report focuses on the Twitter users…to generate statistics ranging from bio, tweets, account types, categories to even the background color preference of Twitter users!”

One of the most amazing statistics to come out of the survey found that on average a million active Twitter users have tweeted at least a billion times over the past three years – showing the continued popularity of the microblogging site.

So who exactly is using Twitter?  The beevolve report found that slightly more women than men are using Twitter with 53% of users being female and 475 being male.  The research found though that only 66% of all Twitter accounts could be included in this part of the survey as the rest had undetermined sexes.

When it came to finding out the average ages of people using Twitter this was harder to ascertain as only 0.45% of all Twitter users disclose their actual age.  However of those that did tell their age it was found that Twitter was mainly being used by young people with 74% of users being between the ages of 15 and 25 years old and only 6% falling into the 46 and over age group.

It was found that the most Twitter users could be found in the United States with the second largest user base being in the United Kingdom then followed by Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, France, Indonesia, Iran and Ireland.

Celebrities are often quoting the number of followers that they have on Twitter but having a very large amount of followers is very rare across the world with only a tiny percentage of Twitter users having more than 100,000 users.

The majority of Twitter users have less than 50 followers while six percent of Twitter users have no followers at all.

Twitter really does seem to appeal more to women than to men and this was further shown by the survey finding that women tweet more than men do.  On average men send 567 tweets while the average for women is 610.

The final finding of the very interesting Twitter report is that Love is the most frequently used word on Twitter bios – showing that although we may be becoming a more digital society we still value Love very highly.


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