J Is For Javascript

"J Is For Javascript"There are so many things that an Internet marketer needs to be familiar with in order to be successful in this industry, and one of the goals of DSM Publishing is to help our fellow Internet marketers become familiar with the industry and show them the ropes so that they, too, can realize success. That is also one of the points of this A to Z Blogging Challenge that we are partaking in – to bring to light some important aspects of the business.

So, today, for the letter ‘J’ in this challenge, I have opted to discuss JavaScript, as this is something that you should absolutely be familiar with.

So, what is JavaScript? Well, in short, JavaScript is a programming, or scripting language that is used to make Web pages interactive. It is the most commonly used programming or scripting language used on Web pages, and it is also used in a variety of other ways, such as on desktop apps, on Internet servers and on mobile phone apps.

But what is a scripting language? In short, a scripting language is a type of programming language that supports the writing of scripts. And what, exactly are scripts, you may be asking? Well, a script is a code line that can be read instantly by a browser, which means that you don’t have to rely on constant downloads in order to read a Web page. JavaScript is installed directly onto the all of the major Web browsers out there. Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer all have JavaScript installed directly onto them. Most visitors use Web browsers that are supported by JavaScript, and that means that if your Web page is outfitted with JavaScript, than your site visitors are going to be able to benefit from it.

You may be wondering if you need to do anything special in order to learn or use JavaScript, and the answer is; no. Since JavaScript is so popular, there are so many different pre written JavaScripts available to you, which means you can plug JavaScript directly onto your Web page without having to worry about knowing all of the details of the script. You also don’t need to use any special program in order to use JavaScript. Since it is an easily interpreted language, you can use any plain texted editor in order to write JavaScript.

With JavaScript, you can make your Web site more interactive and easier to use for your site visitors, which translates to more success for your business.

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