ITV Become Latest Victims Of Twitter Hacking

"ITV twitter hack"ITV, the British broadcasting company, have become the latest victims of hacking to their Twitter account with it being believed that the breach in the account was down to the same group who earlier in the year hacked other influential accounts.

It is believed that anonymous supporters of the president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, are behind this latest hack on an influential twitter account and the attack comes only days after Twitter increased their security on the site to try and avoid such problems in the future.

ITV are not the first account to be attacked recently by the same group, previously the Financial Times and the Daily Telegraph from the UK have both fallen victim to attacks from the same group.

The increase in attacks led Twitter to announce that a new two step security system was going to be put in place to try and make hacks more difficult.

The two step authentication process is currently being rolled out by Twitter and will be an optional step that Twitter users can implement in their account.

The Syrian Electronic Army, the group behind the attacks, managed to tweet false news stories on the ITV account  through the Twitter account @itvlondon.

After a series of tweets the hackers finished by tweeting “Just kidding. The Syrian Electronic Army was here. #SEA via @Official_SEA12″

To add insult to injury one of the tweets posted by the hackers even included a link to a newspaper story talking about increased security on Twitter to try and prevent hacking in the future.

ITV told press that they were aware of the hack and that they would be returning to normal service on their Twitter account as soon as possible.

A spokesman for ITV said in a statement: “The ITV News London Twitter account was compromised for a short time but has now been secured and the Tweets deleted.”

When asked how the hack had been triggered he said that it had been through a phishing email sent to the company and added that he did not know if the company were yet using the new two set authentication process from Twitter.

This is far from the first attack by hackers on twitter recently with one Tweet through a news agency website sending the stock market into turmoil because they believed there had been a terrorist attack on the White House.

Companies are now being advised to only tweet from one single computer to try to make hacks more difficult although many companies claim that this would make it almost impossible to tweet up to date information if it could not be done from mobile devices.

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