Is Your Website User Friendly

"Is Your Website User Friendly"It is not exactly rocket science to realise that if a website does not give its visitors a good experience it is unlikely that these visitors will ever return so for that reason it is especially important to ask yourself the following question, Is your website user friendly?

Let’s look at a few examples of what is not classed as being user friendly, firstly it would seem that quite a few webmasters will put content on their website which is aimed at attracting the search engines as opposed to keeping the visitors happy. For instance, content which is stuffed full of keywords and phrases which results in little sense being made. Can you imagine how you would feel if you were searching for something online and found rubbish such as this, needless to say it would be extremely doubtful that a return visit would be being made any time soon.

Also, what about the layout of the website, is it easy to navigate, don’t forget that if visitors don’t find what they are looking for straight away you won’t get a second chance. Everyone seems to be in a rush these days and if your website falls short they will be gone.

It should also be noted that garish colours for a website may mean that it is eye catching but if you have ever had to strain your eyes to actually read content which is set in all kinds of bright colours, it is not exactly a good experience.

When it comes to asking, Is your website friendly, just imagine that it is you who is visiting it for the first time, be totally honest with yourself and if changes need to be made, make them. Just a few simple steps could really make the difference between a website which is profitable and one that is not and that is really what it is all about, isn’t it?

You may or may not have experienced or read about the latest Google update with regards to how a website ranks in the search engines. It is now evident that a website which offers the user a good experience is now more important than ever. Gone are the days where shady tactics may have worked for a short period of time, now it really is a case of quality counts and that is surely a good thing for both website visitors and website owners alike.

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