Is Your Website Search Engine Friendly?

"Is Your Website Search Engine Friendly?"I have been in the Internet marketing business for many years, and I have also been providing my help in this industry to my fellow Internet marketers. One thing that I hear all too often is that people don’t understand why their search engine rankings or their Alexa rankings are low. They don’t get why they can’t bring these rankings up and why their website isn’t succeeding. My answer to this is, more often than not, that their website is not search engine friendly. In order to have success with your website and to get a good ranking, it is absolutely essential for your website to be search engine friendly.

In order to help you determine if your website is, in fact, search engine friendly, I have decided to create this checklist. You can use this list to determine whether or not your site is search engine friendly, and if it is not, you can go ahead and correct the problem.

Design of your Website. How is the design of your website? In order for it to be search engine friendly, it needs to have a design and a layout that is easy to use. This includes your menus and your sitemaps. If the design of your website is easy to use, it will be a whole lot more search engine friendly.

Make Sure your Site is Visible. You can’t just launch a website and then hope that it will show up on the search engines; you actually have to do a little bit of work to make it visible to the search engines. In order to do this, submit the URL of your site to free directories, such as Wow, Skaffe and GoGuides. If your site is listed on these directories, when the search engines go crawling, they will be able to find your site.

Add Content. I can’t stress enough how important adding content is to the success of your website. You see, search engines like content, and they like new content. In order to let the search engines know that your site is active and in order to make it visible, you simply must add new content to it. It’s vital.

Make Your Website Shine. This should really go without saying, but you really want to make your website the best that it can be. Cheating and adding poor content just to get your site noticed, for example, may get you to the top, but it will also likely get you booted off. The top sites are those that truly are the best.

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