Is This The End Of Facebook User Democracy?

"facebook voting changes"Facebook have announced changes to their policy allowing users to be able to vote on changes made to the social media site with the move being cited as the end of user democracy on the site.

The announcements from Facebook could limit the control that users of Facebook have over changes in the social network.

Elliot Schrage, the head of communications for Facebook, wrote in a blog post about the changes to Facebook and said that Facebook would be removing the voting system that currently allows users to be able to kill off a policy if there are more than 7,000 comments about it and more than 30 percent of all Facebook users participate in the vote.

The voting rules were originally brought in in 2009 but the rules regarding the right of Facebook users to be able to vote on policy is now being reversed because the network has grown so large say Facebook.

It was in October that Facebook registered its one billionth user and because the social network is now so large it is very easy for 7,00 comments to be wracked up in minutes.

Elliot Schrage said: “We found that the voting mechanism, which is triggered by a specific number of comments, actually resulted in a system that incentivized the quantity of comments over their quality.”

While the old voting system may be out there are plans within Facebook to release a new feedback programme which would include a forum where questions by users can be submitted to the Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan.  There will also be the opportunity for users to see live webcasts with Erin Egan to resolve possible problems that may occur in the future.

Facebook have said that they will be letting all users know about the changes to the policy and that users will have seven days to be able to comment on the changes.

If there are enough comments then it is still possible that the changes could be overturned depending on the level of complaints about it.

While Facebook appear to be working to address the needs of the billion users on the network there are still commentators who worry that although there will be a place where questions can be posed on privacy it is unclear as to how effective this will actually be when it comes to bringing about changes in the future.


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