Is Google Replacing Grandparents?

"google grandparents"Google has become an integral part of most people’s lives with the search engine being used on a daily basis by millions of people looking for answers from where to buy specific items to information and news.  A new survey has now shown that this reliance on Google has replaced traditional sources of information for many people with family members no longer being asked for help and advice as the new generation instead turn to Google.

S survey commissioned by Dr Beckmann found that increasingly the older generation are no longer being turned to be younger generations for help with Google, Wikipedia and YouTube being favoured sources of information for the younger generation rather than grandparents and parents.

The survey questioned 1,500 grandparents and found that less than one in four of those surveyed had been asked for advice on things such as domestic chores or learning how to cook recipes or skills such as sewing on a button.

A third of the grandparents questioned said they had been asked “what was it like when you were young?” a much lower number than expected as young people look to the internet to answers from anything to history questions to basic skills advice.

When asked how the interactions between themselves and their grandchildren compared to their own experience of being a child 96 percent of the grandparents said they remember asking their grandparents far more questions in the past and before the internet became such a huge part of peoples lives.

The change in how people source information has left grandparents feeling sidelined in many cases with two thirds of the grandparents saying that they feel that their traditional role is becoming less important in modern family life.

Susan Fermor from Dr Beckmann cleaning specialists said: “Grandparents believe they are being sidelined by Google, YouTube, Wikipedia and the huge resource of advice available on the internet.

“They are aware that their grandchildren – already with their noses buried in a laptop, tablet computer or smartphone – find it much easier to search the internet for instant advice.”

She added: “Previous generations of grandparents haven’t experienced this phenomena because the internet is still very much in its infancy and is less than a generation old in real terms.”

The change in how the younger generation uses technology as part of their everyday live is demonstrated with the fact that a survey from Ofcom found that almost half of three and four year olds were classed as being technology literate.

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