Iran To Create Its Own Google

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Officials in Iran have declared that they will be creating their own local version of Google after banning the Google G-mail email service last week.

The ban on Google has come in response to the anti-Islamist film, a film which was distributed on the Google owned YouTube video sharing site.

Already G-mail had been banned in Iran after the film was released but now officials in Iran have said that they will looking to replace the entire Google search engine in the country.

According to reports in the press the ban on Google Gmail has already caused resentment amoung the 32 million internet users in Iran with even some pro government newspapers complaining that the ban has caused massive disruption in the country.

Hussein Garrousi of the parliamentary committee on industry said to the Aftab daily: “Some problems have emerged through the blocking of Gmail.”

He added that the Iranian parliament would be summoning the minister of telecommunications for questioning if the ban on Google was not lifted.

However the officials in Iran have said that they are looking at creating their own version of the Google search engine for use within the country.

Deputy minister Ali Hakim Javadi said that the authorities in Iran were considering lifting the ban on Googe Gmail but that they were also wanting to bring in their own domestic alternative to the Google search engine and Gmail in the form of the Fakhr (Pride) search engine and the Fajr (Dawn) email service.

The clerical establishment in Iran has long spoken of their desire to limit the access to the international internet in Iran.  They have stated that the internet promotes western values that do not match their own in Iran.

By creating their own search engine in Iran officials hope that they will be able to promote their own clean national domestic internet service for the people of Iran.

However, the reality of implementing an effective service in the country may be more difficult than the officials have predicted and there has been no clear plan put forward as to how the plan will work and more importantly, if it will have adverse economic effects for the country.

Officials in Iran may be trying to stop peopl in the country from using Google services but the people there clearly still want them.

It was reported yesterday by Asr-e Ertebat Weekly that people in Iran had paid more than 4.5 million US dollars to buy proxy services to enable them to reach blocked sites in the past month alone.

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