Why It Is Easy To Sell To Buyers So Why Do Some People Find It So Difficult?

"How To Get Sales"After failing to get a best actor nomination in the 2014 Oscars if I was to interview Tom Hanks with a view of selling my interview to a celebrity magazine for the most money I would of course include the following:

Do you think it was wrong that you weren’t nominated for the best actor Oscar?

Do you think that it was done so that you wouldn’t be competition to Leonardo DiCaprio that has never won it?

Did you want to win the Oscar?

How would you rate yourself as an actor on a 1-10 scale?

I am not saying that he wouldn’t walk out of the road and maybe consider giving me a slap on face, but any one of those questions would create a viral storm on the internet. And I would also ask these questions because this is exactly what I would want to know. I have made no secret for my love for films and I was pretty disgusted when I read yesterday that he hadn’t been nominated.

I remember a few years ago being interviewed by a well known marketer and he still has the interview on a few of his old blog posts. I must have really struck a nerve and there was lots of fun had by both parties. If memory serves me correctly it was in 2009 and I was putting my new Twitter sales funnel together at the time.

Most of the time I decline interviews because the questions are so boring. They always seem to be centred on how would you start again with your business and then expect an answer in 100 words!

Then the future customer who doesn’t know internet marketing that well will struggle to digest what you have put into one big paragraph.

And that is why you need to learn to be in your customers shoes…..

I often ask myself before creating a product…..Would I buy it if I was the customer? Or what would a customer need?

My second tip is always to write the chapters of the product first. That way you can think about the solution that the customer needs FIRST. Then put the product together. Take “The Affordable Internet Marketing Course” as a prime example. I wrote the planned module titles before I even put the first module together. So that I could then plan what people needed to have a successful business and then fill in the gaps.

Plus by doing it this way you will hit your target audience first – I promise!

Also if you are not planning on writing the product yourself and plan to use a ghostwriter then you can simply do the outline and then pass the rest of it over to them to finish the products for you.

Then because you have researched what your customer wants they will race to the payment button because you have solved their problem for them.

And if you are fresh out of ideas go to the popular forum in your niche and see what people are asking questions about.

After all it is just about researching what your customers want, creating the product and selling it to them!

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