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"From a small freelancing business that takes a couple of hours to put together. Even BETTER the entire process can be OUTSOURCED with the client's blessing."

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DSM Publishing Samantha Milner

Dear Internet Marketer,

I am embarrassed by the income that you see in the image above. Of course it is not the biggest proof of income that I have provided on my websites. Though it was amounts each month like that, that got me into the top 1% of earners on Odesk.

But that is not what has embarrassed me. What actually embarrassed me is how SIMPLE Odesk/freelancing income streams are to set up.

I am a top 1% earner on Odesk for the last year and I was an outsourcer before I was an earner. This then gave me the chance to have prior experience of what companies are looking for on there and how to tap into the Odesk. I never planned on working for others and it was only when I realised how lucrative it was that I put it into action.


Many people are put off with the amount of jobs on these sites for $1 an hour or even 400 word articles for $1 each. But these people are not your competition they are your future workforce and I will show you how to make this happen.

"The Affordable Freelancing Mini Course"

I sit back and watch, research and analyse as writers for example struggle to break the $750 a week wage barrier. Or SEO experts struggle to even get a job and I realise that their real problem is that they don't look outside the box and see what Odesk can really offer them.

There are plenty of high paying jobs on there - you just need to take a closer look of where they really are.

This is what I achieved from my other Odesk account (between Dominic & I we have one each):

This above was just from three months on Odesk and this is REAL and we still freelance now for our clients. Over $6,000 a month is not bad for an online income stream where you don't need a website is it?

The opportunities are simply endless and I am going to show you how to make it happen through these easy to follow modules that make up "The Affordable Freelancing Mini Course".

There is no right or wrong way to use the information in my freelancing collection. Many create and build websites and flip them on Flippa, others choose to use the first module and establish a career for themselves as a writer, others choose to follow it to the letter and start a new career.

The point is - the choice is yours and I am just here to show you the different avenues of opportunities that are available to you.

All in all you are getting three fantastic freelancing modules from our freelancing chapter of the Affordable Internet Marketing Course PLUS module 1 which includes some very important start up information for those planning on starting their own business.

money back guaranteeBut before you click to buy this amazing package, I thought I should mention that this package comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee: Therefore if you are not completely satisfied with this chapter you can contact ClickBank directly and ask for a full refund.

So why not put this amazing package into practice today?

The price for these amazing modules? Just $5.00 right now. To get you started in your freelancing career. You also have the option to learn at whatever pace you wish and you will get a full education in internet marketing at the same time. 

Remember this is just $5.00 for four action packed modules....

I look forward to teaching you my wealth of freelancing knowledge.

To your online success

DSM Publishing Samantha Milner

Samantha Milner

PS: This is your chance to finally conquer freelancing!

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