The Successful Online Business Drive

"The Successful Online Business Drive"Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to be a successful online business owner? Do you have drive and determination to be a success?

That’s two questions I always ask newcomers to the internet marketing industry.

It’s amazing when I am coaching clients how many errors they make in their online businesses because they haven’t got what it takes. The main problem is their unwillingness to learn something that is vital if you are going to create a new type of business and you are not an expert in the industry.

Let’s face it you wouldn’t run a restaurant without knowing how to order new catering supplies would you?

I came across a new coaching client last week and what struck me is that she said she didn’t need any help with her online marketing as she knew it all. She knew social media, she understood Adwords and used Facebook ads.

Then came the punchline…..

She had zero traffic coming through to her website and her Alexa rank was over three million.

And that’s what I am talking about. You may know something but you need to learn how to use that skill to improve your business. You also need the ability to put in the effort into your business and spend your time wisely.

As a double act my husband and I follow the work hard/ play hard image. So even though we really make the most of our days off and enjoy family time with our son on work days we do a lot of work. It will be a Friday and we will look back at what we have done that week and we will be amazed by the results.

In internet marketing it is all about doing. And even if you are not outsourcing with good organisation you can achieve a lot.

And my internet marketing drive is something I have 7 days a week. On a Sunday I am looking forward to getting up and increasing my income streams on the Monday morning and when I am sat on the beach enjoying the summer weather I am reminding myself that my drive is the reason why I am sat on the beach!

Just have a think about your drive and the way you are learning internet marketing and see how you can improve on your current system.

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