The Number One Lesson You Should Learn FIRST Before You Start An Internet Marketing Career

"The Number One Lesson You Should Learn FIRST Before You Start An Internet Marketing Career"It feels like a lifetime ago now when I started my online business. Well actually it was in the early stages of 2005 and my 11 year old was then a very demanding 3 year old.

Though according to my husband he is still just as demanding now!

And while I have been writing The Affordable Internet Marketing Course it has got me thinking about the basics of the business and the first hurdles that you face.

For me as a coach though the one place where I notice that people struggle is with organising themselves and prioritising. You have to remember you are running a business it is not just some hobby that you are running from home.

If it is not already this is going to become your bread and butter money and you need to make sure that everything is getting done otherwise there will be no bread and butter!

For example on a typical working day what is your agenda going to be about?

What are you going to achieve in that day?

As I write this it is 1pm on a warm Thursday morning and I can count off lots of different things I have got done and now the rest of the day will be spent blogging for the week ahead.

And unlike when you have worked for someone else you are only affecting your own wages if you choose to play games on Facebook all day!

What we do (and we make a great team) is get everything done that we need to get done and then on our days off we really enjoy them as nothing is hanging over us and there are no “to do” lists to worry about.

Because we are organised though we can then fit a lot more into our day and launch more products, drive more traffic and essentially earn more money. And best of all by been organised we can increase our income quicker.

So before you start getting into your income streams think about how your time is spent and how you can improve on a typical working day!

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