The Four Hour Working Week Syndrome And Using It To Your Advantage

"Four Hour Working Week"There was a book out a few years ago called “The Four Hour Working Week”. It was all about outsourcing your business so much that you worked for just four hours a week.

Sounds good doesn’t it?

But that is not why I am mentioning it. I am talking about it because if you want to get into the top 1% of Odesk workers (like I have done) then this is your fuel for increasing your freelancing income streams.

You see there are so many lazy business owners out there that are happy to outsource absolutely everything for you to do the work for them.

They literally don’t want to do anything and they want to be completely managed. They want to have everything done for them and just want to pay you monthly for the trouble. The best news of all though is that these high paid jobs are ideal for you.

You don’t even need to be good at it all – all you have to do is be able to put a fantastic team together that can be managed. Then you are simply micro managing and following your company’s idea.

You are both working less hours and you are both earning well from it!

So just think of it when you are looking to earn money as a freelancer. It is the highest paid; fewer hours and you could put a team together quickly.

As you all know, I use the Odesk marketplace to find jobs of interest and then get the clients working directly for me. Then it saves both me and my clients paying Odesk fees.

Plus with a freelancing career you can start one very quickly without any business costs. If you would like to learn more about freelancing click on the banner below:

"Freelance Mini Course"

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