Module 49 – The End Game Part #2

mod49_largeAny business owner wants more clients and sales. However, not all customers are created equal. Some can actually make your job harder, ruin your day, and stop you from growing your business. One of the things you should do is to dump those customers who are not helping your profits. This way you’ll be able to focus on the clients that are producing the most revenue.

Module 49 Benefits

Module 49 – The End Game Part #2 - describes the many types of customers and how they influence your business. You will learn what to look for in a customer, how to handle spammers and angry subscribers, and how to deal with clients who are incapable of helping themselves. The rules apply to the people who are working for you.

If you read this module, you’ll understand that not all customers are worth keeping. This chapter will also show you that it’s impossible to please everyone. Sometimes you just have to get rid of the people who are bringing you down. Module 49 includes real life examples and personal stories to help you get started.

Module 49 Specifics

  • Discover the many benefits of starting an Internet business
  • Learn about the different types of customers
  • What the perfect customer looks like
  • Why not all customers are created equal
  • When to get rid of a client
  • How to deal with angry subscribers
  • Outsourcers you need to dump
  • Where to find new talent online

Module 49 Conclusion

This chapter of The Affordable Internet Marketing Course will help you identify the perfect customers and get rid of the low performers. Module 49 also describes the benefits of working from home, such as increased flexibility and convenience. After reading it, you will know how to handle difficult clients and where to find talented people for your team.

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