Module 44 – The Flipping Cash Injections

mod44_largeWebsite flipping is one of the most profitable business models available today. This practice involves buying, improving, and selling websites for profit. It’s actually quite similar to the real estate industry. To get started, you can either buy a site and increase its value before selling it, or build one from scratch.

Module 44 Benefits

Module 44 – The Flipping Cash Injections – covers the basics of website flipping, offering easy-to-follow instructions and tips. It all starts with finding the right keywords and buying the exact match domain name. The next step is to build a site with 10 posts or more. Get links from reputable sources, monetize your content with Adsense, and sell your new website a few months later.

This business model is amazingly simple and can generate steady revenue. The key to success is to pick a niche with low competition. Module 44 will show you how to find a narrow niche, how to choose your keywords, and what to look for in a web host. It also offers step-by-step instructions for building your website and making money online.

Module 44 Specifics

  • Discover how website flipping works
  • Proven strategies for choosing a niche that generates income
  • How to make money with your new site
  • How to pick a domain name and web hosting
  • What tools work best for keyword research
  • How long you should wait before selling your website
  • Things to consider during the flipping process
  • How much you can expect to earn from website flipping

Module 44 Conclusion

This chapter offers everything you need to start flipping websites for profit. You will learn how to find profitable keywords, where to look for exact match domains, and how to build a profitable business from scratch. Module 44 describes the steps involved in website flipping and provides real life examples to help you get started.