Module 40 – Sales Funnel Leverage

"Affordable Internet Marketing Course - Module 40"Did you know that you could double your earnings without increasing traffic or launching new products? It’s all about leveraging your sales funnel. A few simple changes to your sales pages can dramatically increase your income. Not only you’ll earn more money, but also gain subscribers and build customer loyalty.

Module 40 Benefits

Module 40 features three proven strategies for doubling your income without actually doubling your traffic. The information in this chapter will skyrocket your earnings and increase your sales rates. You will learn how to make money simply by including a few extra lines in the zip files sent to your clients, how to monetize your exit traffic, and how to put a sales page on your download page.

This chapter will teach you some of the powerful marketing techniques for increasing sales. It includes a list of tools that you can use for monetizing your traffic and getting more subscribers. After reading Module 40, you’ll know how to boost your conversion rate and build a long term relationship with your customers.

Module 40 Specifics

  • Learn how to get the most out of your sales funnel
  • Discover three powerful strategies for increasing sales
  • Double your income without doubling your traffic
  • Find out how to create a sales page in the middle of your download page
  • Earn money from your exit traffic

Module 40 Conclusion

In Module 40, you will discover the most effective strategies to increase your income and generate sales. This chapter proves that doing simple things, such as adding a few lines to your zip file or making an offer on your Thank You page, can boost your earnings. By implementing these tips, you’ll be one step closer to making a six-figure income.

The marketing techniques described in this chapter don’t require you to launch a new product or use fancy tools. All you have to do is to modify your download and sales pages to capture more leads and turn visitors into buyers.

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