Module 35 – The PLR Shop Part 3

"Affordable Internet Marketing Course - Module 35"

Setting up a PLR shop is similar to building a new website or blog. Once you have the foundation, you need to promote your business and spread the word about your products. This means that you’ll have to drive traffic to your squeeze page, handle customer service, and connect with your audience online.

Module 35 Benefits

In this module, you will learn how to drive traffic to your PLR shop, increase sales, and promote your products online. This part of the Affordable Internet Marketing Course offers expert guidelines to help you automate your business and get massive traffic to your squeeze page. You will also learn how to add the exit splash to your PLR sales funnel and grab those leaving visitors.

Module 35 – The PLR Shop Part 3 – has two parts: one is about driving traffic to your online shop and the other offers tips on how to automate the process. It explains how to use Aweber for customer service, how to send follow ups, and what strategies to use for testing your sales funnel.

Module 35 Specifics

  • Find out how to drive traffic to your PLR shop
  • Discover the best ways to automate your business
  • Test your sales funnel to make sure it works
  • Learn how to use Aweber for customer service
  • Explore the most effective traffic generation strategies

Module 35 Conclusion

This chapter will teach you best strategies for advertising PLR products online. It explains how to use social media, forums, JV giveaways, and social bookmarking as part of your marketing campaign. By the end of Module 35, you should have created your own PLR shop and learned how to bring traffic to it.

Module 35 – The PLR Shop Part 3 – provides you with the tools and knowledge needed to automate your online business and drive tons of traffic to your store. The marketing techniques featured in this chapter are easy to apply and offer lasting results.

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