Module 34 – The PLR Shop Part 2

affordable-internet-marketing-course-module-34Turn your PLR shop into a profitable business and create new income streams! If you’ve applied the tips from Module 33, you should already have your products ready to go. All you have left to do is to create a squeeze page, set your prices, make a killer offer, and write SEO posts to gain exposure. This is exactly what you will learn from Module 34 – The PLR Shop Part 2.

Module 34 Benefits

This chapter of the Affordable Internet Marketing Course describes the steps needed to launch your PLR shop. It offers detailed guidelines on how to set up your mailing list and squeeze page, how to choose a product for your sales page, and how to entice customers into buying PLR content.

Module 34 will show you how to set up the payment links for each of your products. It also explains why you should offer a lower price to your subscribers. Once you complete these steps, you’ll have to write SEO posts for promoting around your products. By the end of this chapter, you should have a fully functional PLR shop that looks amazing.

Module 34 Specifics


  • Complete the steps needed to launch your PLR shop
  • Create a squeeze page for your offer
  • Set up your email list
  • Create affiliate pages
  • Choose the best PLR keywords
  • Write SEO blog posts around your products
  • Set the price for each product
  • Learn how to make a killer offer

Module 34 Conclusion

By following the steps described in this module, you’ll have a profitable PLR shop and happy customers. Module 34 will teach you the best strategies for setting prices and making killer offers. It also shows why it’s important to write SEO posts describing your products and how to choose PLR keywords.

This chapter features proven strategies to make your customers come back for more. Apply these marketing techniques to gain exposure for your store and sell thousands of PLR products!

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