Module 31 – The $0.01 A Subscriber Method

"Affordable Internet Marketing Course - Module 31"Squeeze pages play a major role in online marketing. You can use them for launching new products, attracting subscribers, and generating sales. However, there are other list building techniques that work even better. Have you ever thought about using expired domains to grow your list? What about making a paid offer instead of giving away freebies? This isn’t something you hear everyday, but it’s true.

Module 31 Benefits

Module 31 – The $0.01 A Subscriber Method will show you how to build your list and increase conversions. You will learn how to use expired domains to gain subscribers, how to attract traffic to your site, and how to make sales. This module describes the pros and cons of Visitor Boost and other programs that send traffic to your site.

By the end of this module, you should know how to bid on expired domains and use them for growing your list. This part of the Affordable Internet Marketing Course includes case studies and practical examples to help you get started. It provides the exact steps needed to choose an expired domain, place your bid, create squeeze pages, and generate sales.

Module 31 Specifics

  • Learn new list building techniques
  • Discover how Visitor Boost works
  • Find out how to choose an expired domain
  • Use expired domains to gain subscribers
  • Get more traffic to your site
  • Learn how to grow your list by making paid offers
  • The module includes case studies and examples

Module 31 Conclusion

Module 31 – The $0.01 A Subscriber Method – features less known list building techniques that you can implement right away. You will find out how to use GoDaddy to research expired domains and choose the best ones.

Follow the steps provided and you’ll have a greater conversion rate and more subscribers. The list building strategies described in this module will help you get quality traffic that converts well.

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