Module 26 – The Sales Funnel Finishing Touches

"Affordable Internet Marketing Course - Module 26"Creating a profitable sales funnel is all about building connections with your audience and using your content the smart way. Module 26 – The Sales Funnel Finishing Touches – will show you how to build relationships with your readers through follow up messages, personal stories, and blog content. These tips will bring you one step closer to a profitable online business.

Module 26 Benefits

Module 26 highlights the importance of repurposing your content and explains how this could dramatically increase your earnings. You will learn that every piece of content can be used again and again. For example, you can turn a blog series into eBooks, videos, free reports, PLR products, newsletters, e-courses and much more. Repurposing content is the best kept secret in this industry.

This chapter of the Affordable Internet Marketing Course will also show you how to create a professional sign up box for your blog, how to track your subscribers, and how to set up a blog broadcast. You’ll also find out how to plan your follow up series ahead of time and create engaging stories that will wow your subscribers.

Module 26 Specifics

  • Discover the benefits of repurposing content
  • Find out how to use your content again and again
  • Write a follow up series for one month in advance
  • Add a new sign up form on your blog
  • Learn how to track subscribers
  • Create a blog broadcast in a few steps
  • Fill up your blog with quality graphics

Module 26 Conclusion

This chapter covers the most important aspects of setting up a sales funnel. It explains why you should reuse your content, how to add a sign up box on your blog, and how to organize your follow up series.

Module 26 offers essential information for planning your email campaign and collecting new subscribers every day. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro marketer, you can apply the tips in this module to skyrocket your list and increase conversions.

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