Module 2 Of The Affordable Internet Marketing Course Kick Starts Stacking Up Your Income Streams

"Internet Marketing With Sam"Many people ask me where you would start if you were building an online business from scratch.

Would you build a blog? Would you start building a mailing list and make money from Clickbank? Or would you take on the CPA community with your take on commissions.

The truth is that we don’t want to actually wait for our income we want it here and now. And this brings me to the crazy world of freelancing. As a freelancer I can contact someone I want to work with on the Monday and by the Friday the money earned will actually be in my bank account ready for me to spend!

Many of you will be screaming at me right now saying why you would do freelancing work when you might as well stay with an employer? And of course that your entire income should be passive as work shouldn’t be involved in your business.

Well the way I look at it is that freelancing is the quickest entry into earning money and having income in your pocket. You can invest the money that you are earning into your passive income and build them both at the same time.

Just imagine if you can earn $350 a day freelancing (I will show you exactly how I managed to earn these figures) and you need to be earning $1000 a week to cover your costs and to put some money into your business then you would freelance for 3 days a week.

This would then bring in $1050 per week and you would have 2 full days a week to work on your passive income.

But there is also an even better reason why it’s a great idea to start your career off as a freelancer…..

You are learning from someone else that has already been where you are. They were the newbie once, they have built their own business and they are now at the point of outsourcing. As you work for them you will see how their business operates and how they have made a success out of it.

This is why you should start as a freelancer and I suggest that everyone starts out like that. You need to learn your trade from the bottom up so that you understand your entire business model and this is the best type of work experience you will ever get.

Think for a moment about the food factory. The boss of the top bread making company didn’t start off in the mangers office did he?

Yes you will learn to build mailing lists and SEO among other modules in the course but this is the perfect starting point. Not only will it put money in your bank account but it will also teach you the tricks of the trade. I started off as a freelancer and the majority of the other successful internet marketers that I know also did.

"Affordable Internet Marketing"

I suggest you visit Module two of the Affordable Internet Marketing Course and kick start your freelancing and then you can move up the career ladder in the future modules and build up your online business.

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