Module 13 – Building Your First Blog Part #3

"Affordable Internet Marketing Course - Module 13"Now that you have your blog up and running, you can start adding content. This is where your journey begins. Writing a new post once every few weeks won’t help you too much. In order to build a popular blog, you must post fresh content regularly. Find your own voice and think outside of the box. Even when you approach a topic that has been previously discussed, come up with something new.

Module 13 Benefits

In Module 13 — Building Your First Blog Part #3, you’ll find out what type of content to avoid and how to write quality posts that engage readers. This chapter shows why you should stop writing “Top 10″ style posts and how to find ideas for your blog.

You will also learn how to write a professional “About us” page, a contact page, and a disclaimer page. This module explains why it’s important to add your own copyright notice and how to avoid any legal action against your site. It also provides the most important rules for writing your first blog post.

Module 13 Specifics

  • Discover why you must write original content
  • Find out the secrets of a great blog post
  • Create a professional “About Us” page
  • Set up a contact page on your blog
  • List your terms and conditions
  • Discover how to avoid legal action against your site
  • Write your first blog post

Module 13 Conclusion

In Module 13 – Building Your First Blog Part #3, you’ll learn how to write amazing blog posts that provide value to your readers. This chapter explains how many words should each post have, how to write your articles using WordPress, and where to find some brilliant “contact us” plugins.

This module is a must read for those who are new to blogging. With these tips, you’ll create fantastic blog posts that attract both readers and search engines. Always remember that successful blogging is all about showing off your personality and marketing your skills.

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