Internet Marketing No Longer Starts And Ends With Search Engine Optimisation

"Internet Marketing No Longer Starts And Ends With Search Engine Optimisation"I was bad mouthed on a forum last month when I said how many hits I get a day to one of my review posts. They turned around and said I must be lying because according to the software they were using only 2% of my traffic came from search engine optimisation (SEO). Well first off it looks like they are using out of date software because it is actually 12% and I more than happy with every bit of my 12% and have never really wanted to increase it.

What happens if you lose your Google positions? And you were generating 100% of your traffic and 2000 visitors a day from it.

BANG you have no traffic!

You went to bed last night with a business that generates 2000 visitors a day (60,000 a month) and all of a sudden you have to start again from scratch.

"No Traffic"This is like being in debt and things keeping you awake on a night with worry and panic.

In the same sense I know several internet marketers that generate all of their income from the Warrior Forum and we all know they like suspending accounts when they simply dislike them. Suddenly they have no business model.

The same happened in the early days when eBay stopped allowing you to sell ebooks on their site.

Yes use all these sites but build your business up around lots of different business traffic sources.

And you have to remember that Google is not the best site on the internet anymore. Facebook IS. So make sure you are getting your traffic from a whole variety of sources. How much is coming from social media? What about paid advertising? PPC?

And most of all build your mailing list.

I always like to stick with a minimum of 5 traffic sources. And yes it fluctuates but in general not one traffic method should ever be more than 40% of your entire traffic.

And if it does answer yourself this question:

Could you afford to wake up tomorrow with 40% less traffic than yesterday?

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    Mr. D. August 18, 2013, 8:01 am

    Thanks for interesting article. Could you please list these 5 traffic sources. I’m new in internet marketing and my main traffic source is twitter. On which traffic sources I should focus? I think about sending more traffic to my blog.

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      Sam August 20, 2013, 9:00 am

      Hi Mr D,

      My main 5 traffic sources away from SEO are: Social media,My mailing list vis Aweber,forum marketing,affiliates promoting my products,word of mouth. I think you should expand your social media to incorparate facebook, Twitter and Linked-in. Then in the long run think about making your own produt and creating and setting up a mailing list to expand your business and also so affiliates can promote your product for you.



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