An Introduction to Digital Marketing

"Affordable Internet Marketing Course"Do you want to make money online and run a successful business? Are you familiar with The Affordable Internet Marketing Course? This top selling e-course is ideal for those who are just getting started. From eBook publishing to blogging and social media, it covers every aspect of online marketing. Once you join, you’ll get access to 52 modules. Introduction to Digital Marketing, the first module of the course, will show you how to make your first money from home and quit your day job.

Introduction to Digital Marketing Benefits

This chapter of The Affordable Internet Marketing Course caters to those who want to start their own business and earn money online. You will learn about the dangers of information overload and get step-by-step instructions for launching your first Internet business. The author of the course explains why you should never trust the so called “gurus” who claim that making money online is easy.

If you read this module, you’ll find out why you should get rid of the newbie tag before launching your business. Introduction to Digital Marketing highlights the key benefits of freelancing and reveals the best ways to get started in Internet marketing. Readers can learn how to use Clickbank and oDesk to make money online, how to set their rates, and where to find high paying gigs.

Introduction to Digital Marketing Specifics

  • Learn about the basics of Internet marketing
  • Find out what you need for starting an online business
  • Why you should get rid of the newbie tag
  • Where to find domain names and hosting
  • Discover the first steps to financial freedom
  • Explore the benefits of freelancing
  • Find a low competition niche
  • Get organized before launching your business

The first module of The Affordable Internet Marketing Course will teach you how to find low competition niches and monetize your skills. It’s important to choose a niche that you’re familiar with and has lots of micro niches. It should also be broad so that you can go deep into that topic later.

Introduction to Digital Marketing highlights the first stages of your online business, offering expert tips for getting started. You will discover what the best autoresponder is, how to get a free email account, and where to find a free HTML editor. These steps are essential for starting an Internet business. This module provides a brief overview of online marketing and freelancing along with useful tips that newbies can apply immediately.

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