August 2013

“Officially In The Top 1% Of Contractors At Odesk “

I received a message from Odesk last week telling me I was in the top 1% of Odesk contractors which is very nice to hear. DSM Publishing has used them to increase our client basis for about 14 months now and was surprised just how easy it is to pick up a full time income […] Read More

“Internet Marketing No Longer Starts And Ends With Search Engine Optimisation”

I was bad mouthed on a forum last month when I said how many hits I get a day to one of my review posts. They turned around and said I must be lying because according to the software they were using only 2% of my traffic came from search engine optimisation (SEO). Well first […] Read More

“Internet Marketing With Sam”

Many people ask me where you would start if you were building an online business from scratch. Would you build a blog? Would you start building a mailing list and make money from Clickbank? Or would you take on the CPA community with your take on commissions. The truth is that we don’t want to […] Read More

“The Number One Lesson You Should Learn FIRST Before You Start An Internet Marketing Career”

It feels like a lifetime ago now when I started my online business. Well actually it was in the early stages of 2005 and my 11 year old was then a very demanding 3 year old. Though according to my husband he is still just as demanding now! And while I have been writing The […] Read More