Twitter Setup

With so much experience with Twitter, at DSM Publishing, we are experts at creating Twitter accounts and making these accounts get noticed, and with this in mind we will create a Twitter presence just for you.

Time Until Completion: This order takes 7 days to complete

Price – $350

Key Features:

- We will open your Twitter account and set up a profile for you.

- We will submit your details to and have you listed in the appropriate categories.

- We will plan your automated tweets campaign and create your Twitter timetable for you.

- We will set up your welcome message for new Twitter followers.

-We will set up the full functions for your socialoomph account for you.

- We will get you started by having you follow the top 100 influential people on Twitter and start your following campaign.

- We will also have you follow an extra 1,000 people based on your niche.