FaceBook Setup

When talking about social media, the power that Facebook has cannot be overlooked. As DSM Publishing, we will set up a Facebook account for you. From starting up the account to making it look appealing to getting it out there and noticed, with this package, we will cover every aspect of setting up and managing Facebook for you.

Facebook is all about brand management and building up your online reputation and shouldn’t be forgotten about when you are creating your online presence.

Time Until Completion: Completed in 7 days

Price: $147

Key Features:

- We will completely set up your Facebook account for you.

- We will integrate your Facebook account with Pinterest.

- We will completely set up your Blog RSS feed through Facebook.

- We will also set you up with and do the first communications with the first fans for you.

- We will delete the automated messages that you receive on your Facebook account for you.

- We will set up the first 100 pages that you will follow to help you build your reputation.

- We will design your Facebook home page and logo graphic for you.

- We will handle any and remove all spammers from your account for you.