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Improve your business when you Book Our Coaching Service. With this package, you can hire DSM Publishing and our team on a monthly basis for five hours a week and we will help you with all aspects of launching your business. If you are struggling to add buttons to your site or need to know how to set up a sales funnel, if you are having a tough time thinking of a catchy title for your site, or if you want to find out how to create a great blog, or if you are experiencing any other problem with your business whatsoever, we will help guide you in the right direction.

In order to give you the best quality coaching that is available, we have a coaching limit of five per month. This limit will ensure that you are getting the best and most accurate coaching that you can possibly receive.

Time Until Completion: This order is ongoing

Price – $997

Key Features:

- Hire expert Internet marketer and owner of DSM Publishing, Samantha Milner herself to help you with your online business.

- With this package, you will also get one to one assistance and find the best shortcuts to building your business, which will are guaranteed to help your business succeed.

- You will have any and all of your business related questions answered for you.

- With this service, you will also get any and all of your technical problems solved.

- We will also make ourselves available to you for five hours per week with this package.