Platinum Aweber Service

This package is a culmination of both Package A and Package B. Instead of purchasing both of these packages separately, you can purchase this package, which will give you all of the benefits of A and B, and save a total of $50. So, in essence, this package really gives you the most bang for your buck. This package will give you a full Aweber set up, which will allow you to get straight to the point of building your mailing list and earning a greater income and boosting your success.

Time Until Completion: This order takes 21 days to complete

Price: $600

Key Features:

- With this package, we will plan your Aweber account for you.

- We will set up all of your one time offers, upsells and download pages for you.

- We will set up your sales page pop ups.

- We will set up your full account settings

- You will get 30 auto responder messages.

- Each of the 30 messages will have a unique title and signature.

- The first message in this group will be 50 words long and will include the download link.

- Messages 2-30 will be approximately 250 words and will contain text that will be targeted at making you money.

- Your messages will be planned with your niche in mind, complete with interesting stories and links that will make you money.

- We will advise you on how to make the most money from your list, which is highly valuable information that will skyrocket your success and boost your income.

Not only will you get an Aweber account set up for you, but you will also get a full Aweber Autoresponder service. When you consider what it is that we are doing for you and how much it will impact your business, you will realize what a great deal this is for the price. So, what are you waiting for? Get this package today!