Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a massive benefit to your online business, but you should be aware that it can be difficult to get your own email marketing campaign up and running effectively. At DSM Publishing, we specialise and excel at internet marketing email campaigns. As a matter of fact, we have been running email marketing campaigns since 2005 and have created mailing lists in a whole range of niches; in fact, we have created the email marketing campaigns for some of the biggest marketers in the business. We have created so many email marketing campaigns that we know only too well what is required to not only make an email marketing campaign successful, but also the many different ways that such a campaign can create a very lucrative income stream.

"Email Marketing Services"We have discovered that many internet marketers aren’t aware of just how powerful an email marketing campaign can be. However, once they learn about the benefits of such a campaign, they realise just how much money they can make and decide to go full swing into their own email marketing campaign.

It should also be mentioned that it really takes very little time to maintain an email marketing campaign once it is up and running.  Additionally, I would like to point out that the information that your site visitors receive from a quality email campaign will have them running to purchase the latest product or services that you are promoting.

There are certain subjects that don’t really lend themselves well to a highly profitable email marketing campaign, but since we are experts at such campaigns, we are very well aware of the subjects that work best and we are also able to adapt these subjects to many different niches.

You will find that by using our service you will start to see results over a very short period of time, which is a big plus, not only for the increase in your cash flow, but it also helps to boost your business, making it  highly authoritative and throwing you into the ranks of a truly successful and highly regarded Internet marketer.

There are many tips and tricks that can be used regarding email marketing services such as this, and we are very eager and prepared to share everything that we know about email marketing with our highly valued clients. If you are interested in starting up your own email marketing campaign, contact us today so that we can get started right away.

Alternatively, you can book one of our services below or find out more information about it:

Full Aweber SetupOrder Now$150More Details

Take advantage of your Full Aweber Setup service and you will be on your way to earning money with ease in no time. With this package, we will completely set up your Aweber account for you, as well as provide you with advice for building your list so that you can really get your business noticed.

Gold Aweber Service Order Now$500More Details

With the Gold Aweber service, a completely planned full autoresponder sequence will be done for you; plus, it will be uploaded it onto your Aweber account. This autoresponder will include a total of 30 messages, all of which will be between 50 words and 250 words. With this package, you won’t have to worry about planning a sequence that works; we’ll do it for you.

Platinum Aweber ServiceOrder Now$600More Details

With our Platinum Aweber Service, you will get the benefits of both the Full Aweber Setup and the Gold Aweber service in one package. This package will provide you with all of the benefits of these two services, but will save you a total of $50, because you will be purchasing them together. Build your mailing list and start earning more money quicker with this fantastic package.

Full Sales FunnelOrder Now$2500More Details

Get your sales pages up and running with our Full Sales Funnel service. With this service, every aspect of your sales pages will be handled so that all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch the cash start rolling in.