Silver Blog Package

With the Silver Blog Package, you will receive all of the benefits of our first package along with 10 – 400 word Blog posts researched, written and published for you to get your site started on the right foot.

We will also set up all your social media accounts including Twitter and FaceBook so that you can build up your brand via social media. This will also include the setting up of all your social bookmarking accounts and bookmarking your Blog along with your new Blog posts that we have published.

All Blog posts will also be advertised via our Twitter account that has 50,000+ followers and then submitted to our Facebook account.

Time Until Completion: This order takes 10 days to complete

Price: $375

Key Features:

- Completion of all general Blog settings.

- Set up all your Blog Plugins, including tweetmeme, all in one SEO, and Chicklet creator, just to name a few

- The set up your Blog pings list so that your opt-ins will be informed when you post to your Blog.

- The set up your Adsense account and the placement of the adverts on your Blog (if required).

- The organization of your Stat Counter so that you can monitor your Blog traffic.

- The set up your adverts on your Blog, including banners and links.

- The set up of all the widgets for your Blog, including categories, posts, tag cloud and any other important sections that you may require.

-Your blog will be made search engine friendly, including setting up your chosen keywords.

- RSS Feed thoroughly set up and tested.

- Your blog will be submitted to the top RSS feeds.

- Your home page will be social bookmarked.

- Your free report will be set up to create signups through your Blog.

- You will get an “about me” page fully set up with your picture and mini autobiography.

- 10 – 400 word blog posts.

- Social Media fully set up.

- Social Bookmarking accounts created and all the links submitted.