Internet Marketing

“authority site vs niche site”

How many websites do you need to earn a full time income? Should you focus on one site or build several niche sites? A few years ago, the best way to make money online and create traffic was to have multiple websites up and running. It was very difficult to run 10 or more sites […] Read More

“free marketing vs paid marketing”

Internet marketing techniques are used by online businesses to attract prospects and generate sales. Whether it's about search engine marketing, email marketing, or social media marketing, business owners have access to both free and paid resources. There are lots of different factors that should be considered when deciding how to spend your marketing budget. Most […] Read More

“time management internet marketing”

Making money online requires more than setting up a website and posting content once in a while. As an Internet marketer, you're responsible for social media promotion, press releases, article marketing, content writing, blog commenting and other time consuming tasks. What if you don’t have enough time to get these things done, or you simply […] Read More

“Why I Don’t Own Review Domain Names”

So I noticed a couple of days ago that a product that I promoted heavily a few years ago has closed its doors. They now have a domain forward to a blog and the original product is gone and forgotten about. My review posts where front page of Google for lots of different keywords relating […] Read More

“increase your productivity online”

Are you looking for new ways to increase productivity and boost your income online? Let's face it. With all the memes, pictures, posts, and videos on the Internet, it sometimes takes nerves of steel to not open a new tab and get distracted. When you work online, distractions are easy to come by. Internet marketers […] Read More

“Internet Marketing SOS: The Multiple Website Obsession”

This has to be one of the biggest internet marketing problems that I have ever seen and it wouldn't surprise me if it’s the biggest turnover that Flippa makes with this one mistake that I see time and time again. It’s having website after website built and not allowing any of them to go into […] Read More

“internet marketing tips for success”

Millions of people are struggling to build a successful online business. Many of them give up soon after their first promotion. Creating additional sources of income, such as your own home based business, is one of the best things you can do. If you want to gain financial freedom and have a comfortable lifestyle, focus […] Read More

“internet marketing barriers”

For most small business owners, online marketing is an overwhelming concept. No one can deny that having a great site is the most important part of your Internet marketing plan. Yet, studies show that more than half of the small businesses in the U.S. don't have a website. Marketers are facing new challenges every day. […] Read More

“Internet Marketing SOS: Content And Traffic Are Different Things”

Now this must be one of the biggest issues I have ever seen with clients that I coach on a regular basis and I wanted to feature this in this week’s Internet Marketing SOS. For me when you are building a website in any niche you have three components that you must honour to make […] Read More

“blogging secrets”

Starting a blog is an exciting experience. At first, you might post fresh content three or four times a week. As your blog grows, you will have to come up with new ideas and write about all sorts of things. What if you find the subject boring? Can you still write a great post? The […] Read More