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“Blog Content”

What kind of blogger are you? What writing style defines you? Are you a lifestyle blogger, a tech blogger, or a fashion blogger? Your blog is a place to tell stories. If it's business blog, you'll tell stories that educate and inspire people. If it's a personal blog, you'll focus on your own experiences. Every […] Read More

“Blog Content Is NOT Traffic”

I saw an interesting thread on a forum last week that got me thinking about how newbie’s think it relation to traffic and content. It was a question along the lines of if they built X amount of blog posts how much traffic would Google give them JUST from doing this? Well the answer is […] Read More


I first started outsourcing part of my business in 2009 and must admit I have not looked back since and it has been a fantastic experience. Yes of course there have been several bumps along the way but it has certainly been a journey worth making. I have made some brilliant friends and hired some […] Read More

“3 Blog Traffic Secrets Revealed”

I had an email this week from a reader who asked me what was the best place for traffic. He didn’t mind paying it but he didn’t want to be spending a dollar a click on Google Adwords. That got me thinking of the best ways I have found to build up my own blog […] Read More


Anyone can start a blog, but only a few people have the ability to write amazing posts. Blogs are known for their unpredictable subject material and casual writing. If you want to be successful, you have to write engaging posts that grab attention and stand out. Your articles should tell a story and inspire readers. […] Read More

“Business Lessons”

The one question I always get asked by my coaching clients is what I would tell the younger me when I started out online. In other words what would have made me a better and wiser internet marketer. Or what advice I would give to someone starting out online. Well the truth is I could […] Read More

FeedBurner vs. Aweber: Do You Really Need an Autoresponder? thumbnail

FeedBurner vs. Aweber: do you really need an autoresponder?  Many marketers want to know the answer to this question. If you want to build a successful online business and connect with your prospects, you need an autoresponder. This will allow customers to manage their subscription and stay up-to-date with your latest offers. An autoresponder will […] Read More

SafeSwaps Experiment And How I Built 6800 Subscribers In 90 Days On Safe Swaps Revealed thumbnail

Safeswaps has fast become the favourite place for internet marketers to go in order to build a list and get some passive income started and coming into their bank account. But the big question many people ask in forums is that they can’t afford it, or it is saturated. So I decided earlier this year […] Read More

Safe Swaps Review

Safe Swaps Review thumbnail

My Safe Swaps Review has taken me a long while to put together. After reading mixed reviews about how good Safe Swaps is for improving your list and increasing your passive income I often been on the fence about it. One thing you do need to know first is that just because it says safe […] Read More

“internet marketing skills”

Internet marketing requires specific skills and knowledge. Becoming a successful marketer is often easier said than done. You need to have a solid technical background, understand how marketing and sales work together, and keep customers engaged. Statistics show that over 90 percent of online businesses will fail in the first four months. You have to […] Read More