Internet Marketing SOS: Understanding LinkedIn

"linkedin for business"LinkedIn is the equivalent of Facebook for the business world. With over 200 million members from 200 countries, the world’s largest professional network offers exceptional business opportunities. Statistics show that over 49 percent of customers find LinkedIn to be a good source of information. This social networking site has over seven million members in Canada and over 74 million in the United States. Over two and a half million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is designed for professionals. People can use this social network to find jobs, showcase their portfolio, upload resumes, and generate leads. Over 35 percent of users access LinkedIn daily. About 61 percent of members use it as their primary professional network. If you have an online business, you can use LinkedIn to build relationships and establish your brand.

Getting Started

The first step in using LinkedIn for business is to sign up for a free account. Fill in your profile page with work experience, studies, business information and other relevant details about yourself and your company. A complete profile will help you get found by customers, employers, and potential business partners.

Add a profile picture. People are more likely to choose your brand if they feel like they are connecting with a real person. Ask for recommendations from colleagues, friends, and clients. Include a link to your website and social media accounts. Make sure your public profile URL contains your name.

Your LinkedIn profile page acts as your social selling business card. The more you optimize your page, the more traffic you’ll get to your website. Join industry groups and participate in conversations. Search for groups where your prospects are hanging out. By creating a profile and keeping your account updated, you can get new customers and gain exposure for your business.

Benefits of Using LinkedIn for Business

This social network generates the most customers for B2Bs. Small business owners and Internet marketers can use LinkedIn to announce new products, connect with prospective clients, spy on their competitors, and increase brand awareness. Whatever your business objectives, this networking site will help you build a network of useful contacts.

Packed with innovative features, LinkedIn is a valuable marketing tool. Not only it can help you connect with top prospects and build a successful brand, but it may also drive highly targeted traffic to your site. This social network can help you establish credibility and grow your online business.

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