Internet Marketing SOS: To Make Money Online You Have To Do Something To Make Money Online

"Internet Marketing SOS: To Make Money Online You Have To Do Something To Make Money Online"Now this is the question I get asked all the time. My site is not making money and why is my site not making money? Sometimes though I feel the need to be blunt rather than giving out the softly softly approach. I remember the first time someone ever asked me for advice as to why their site wasn’t making a single dime.

I remember looking at his site and it was a typical internet marketing site with 3000 posts on it all of which were automated. Google wasn’t indexing any of them because they were all duplicate content and even for subscribers the content wasn’t even that much related to internet marketing.

So he had no target content and lots of other people’s content on his site.

All he had done was create a blog, push lots of automated content at it. Then six months later he had complained to me that it wasn’t making any money.

Obviously I told him to ditch all the automated content and to provide unique content to his site and it would soon be bringing in consistent traffic and I never heard from him again. He didn’t even acknowledge my email.

Six months later I noticed his domain name was for sale through the GoDaddy Auctions and yet another internet marketing blogger bites the dust.

His story is not very uncommon and one thing I have found in this business is that there are a lot of lazy people out there that thing with a click of the mouse they will be millionaires and will holiday in the Maldives every three months.

"To Make Money Online You Have To Do Something To Make Money Online"Sad but true.

At the end of the day you have to work hard at your business. If you outsource it completely to someone else what if you part company you wont even know a thing about your business.

It’s a case of learning as you go and taking an online business seriously. Just because it is online doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. I also find that level of investment always makes people less interested in online activity. With an offline business they have rent to consider and other running costs but anyone can come online and just buy a domain and hey they are another internet marketer.

So in response to recent emails I have had about their businesses going wrong there has always been a big reason for this and maybe you should re-consider your internet marketing goals.

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