Internet Marketing SOS: Content And Traffic Are Different Things

"Internet Marketing SOS: Content And Traffic Are Different Things"Now this must be one of the biggest issues I have ever seen with clients that I coach on a regular basis and I wanted to feature this in this week’s Internet Marketing SOS.

For me when you are building a website in any niche you have three components that you must honour to make the website a huge success.

You start with a nicely designed website; you add amazing unique content and have your website ready for the public.

Then you add regular unique content to your website at the same time as building as much traffic to your website as possible. After all the more traffic the better. I bet even Facebook wants more!

Now this is the easy part. The hard part is getting people to follow these simple rules. You have to do both and you cant just cut costs by using re-hashed content to your website or not adding any new content at all.

So put a plan in place so that you are adding lots of new unique content to your website at the same time and you will see your website grow very quickly.

However many people online believe that if you add the content the traffic will come at the same time. Which is not true you have to work at both of these to make that a reality.

If you don’t work at your traffic you wont get any.


So think about the way your website is set up. Are you one of many that has been affected by the latest Google update and are now left without any SEO positions because you failed to do this?

Well if that is the case. Its not too late you can look at the system you have right now and change it for the better.

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