Internet Marketing SOS: Blog Content Is NOT Traffic

"Blog Content Is NOT Traffic"I saw an interesting thread on a forum last week that got me thinking about how newbie’s think it relation to traffic and content.

It was a question along the lines of if they built X amount of blog posts how much traffic would Google give them JUST from doing this?

Well the answer is minimal because even though you will get the odd long tail keyword at the top of the search engines this will not be enough to build traffic to your site without doing anything else.

Over 18 months of this website being live I would say it probably counts for 200 visitors a day but I have got the other 1800 a day all by myself. Because that’s what you have to do in order to build up the traffic to your site. You cant expect Google to hand it to you on a plate can you?

"Blog Content Is NOT Traffic"You have to start with solid ways to build up your traffic such as forum commenting, social media, SEO, social bookmarking etc. There are lots of other methods too but you have to bring the traffic to you once you have added the content.

What I will say though is that when you are in a good routine with regular content to your website Google will consider you an authority and it will be 100 times easier for you to rank for the keywords you are targeting.

Just think about it and think of everything you are doing RIGHT NOW to bring actual traffic through to your website. And how you can improve on it because everyone wants more traffic don’t they?

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