Internet Marketing and LinkedIn – Where Should You Start?

"linkedin for business"LinkedIn has over 161 million members worldwide. Approximately 44 million users live in the U.S. More than 23 percent of users are from Europe. For social media marketing, it may hard to find a social network that delivers more than LinkedIn. This online platform is used by 69 of the top 100 Fortune 500 companies. Even though LinkedIn is the most popular business network on the Internet, many professionals are still not convinced of its usefulness for their business.

The Benefits of LinkedIn for Small Businesses

This online platform has been creating buzz in social media marketing for many years. Before you start using LinkedIn, it is important to understand that it is not just a social network aimed for business users, but a highly effective marketing tool used by influential people from all over the world. Its real value for businesses is to connect one-to-one with other professionals.

LinkedIn is where business professionals engage, interact, and connect with each other. You can use this social network to research companies and business opportunities, build mutually beneficial relationships, and attract customers. If you have a website, LinkedIn can help you get more traffic and backlinks. It can also be used as a tool to keep track of your professional history and learn more about the people in your network.

A personal LinkedIn profile can be compared to an online resume or digital business card. With a company page, you have the ability to connect with top prospects and see detailed analytics about your followers. By using LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your company’s expertise and promote your products and services. This social network features various applications that allow business owners to gather useful market data, share information, and achieve greater reach.

Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn offers a wealth of features that are available with a standard, free account. Business owners can also opt for a premium account to enjoy more advanced features. If you want to optimize your profile for both search engines and customers, use appropriate keywords in your heading and title. Emphasize your skills and areas of expertise. Link to your websites and blogs from your profile page.

Add a video on your profile page. Introduce yourself to potential customers and business partners. Join groups related to your industry. LinkedIn has thousands of groups covering every professional interest. Create custom campaigns based on location, industry and other segments. Business owners can add coupons and special deals to better target their audience. You may also create text ads similar to keyword advertising to gain new customers and increase sales.

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