Internet Marketing and LinkedIn: Have You Jumped on Board Yet?

"linkedin for online business"LinkedIn has been creating buzz on the Internet for many years. With over 200 million members, the world’s largest professional network offers lots of benefits for small and large businesses alike. Whether you want to promote your business, increase website traffic, or recruit top candidates for your company, LinkedIn can help you achieve your goals. It is estimated that more than one million businesses have LinkedIn Company Pages. The real value of this social network for companies is to connect one-to-one with other business professionals.

The Benefits of LinkedIn for Your Online Business

Statistics show that over 87 percent of customers trust LinkedIn as a source of information. Approximately 65 percent of journalists have used information on this social network as research material. With over one million groups, there is a great opportunity for lead generation and collaboration between companies. Internet users are joining this online platform at a rate that is faster than two new members per second.

This professional network offers excellent opportunities for both individuals and companies. When used properly, it can help business owners generate more sales, gain new customers, and find potential partners. Once you create a profile on LinkedIn, you can join industry groups, invite prospects into your network, and spread the word about your latest products. This is also a great way to get targeted traffic and backlinks to your site or blog.

Get started with LinkedIn

Anyone can set up a profile on LinkedIn within minutes. Unlike other social media platforms, making a connection with another member requires either an introduction by a mutual contact or an existing relationship. Your profile pages serves as your online business card. It shows people what type of content you are sharing and why they should connect with you.

If you’re a business owner, it’s recommended to set up a LinkedIn company page. Simply by creating a profile on this site and sharing content regularly, you can get the attention of potential customers. Members are required to provide a few details about themselves, including their names, emails, country, postal code, employment status, industry, and work experience.

As soon as you have signed up and registered, you can connect with potential clients, business owners and other people that you may know. If you have provided someone with excellent service, you can ask them to give you a recommendation on LinkedIn. This will increase your credibility and boost your online exposure. It’s important to develop your own strategy and find the best way to use LinkedIn for your business.

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