Instagram Images Now Available For WordPress

"wordpress update"WordPress has announced that blog users using the the site will now be able to embed Instagram images directly into posts.

The blogging site which is used all around the world now allows users to directly embed Instagram images into individual posts, linking together the popular blogging site with the increasingly popular Instagram application.

It is already possible for bloggers to be able to create Flickr and galleries with blog posts on WordPress while it is also possible to post in YouTube videos with the Instagram feature being the latest way WordPress are constantly improving the capabilities of the blogging site.

It is very easy to be able to use Instagram within WordPress with all you have to do being to copy the Instagram URL from the browser address bar and then paste this into a post that is already being worked on where you want the image to appear.

Add Instagram images to old posts on Words press by following the same method but instead of publishing the post simply update it instead for Instagram to feature in any previous posts on a WordPress site.

When the Instagram image is posted onto a WordPress blog post it will appear in a smaller version of the original form but when the post is published all you will have to do is click on the image and the user will be directed to the Instagram URL to be able to see the full size picture.

Currently the feature is only available on WordPress sites that are .com and the feature is not available for any sites using the forms of the site but but a spokesman from WordPress told thenextweb that they would be working on bringing this feature to in the “near future”.

The collaboration between WordPress and Instagram is just one of many between the blogging site and other forms of social media.

Already you can link a WordPress site to a Facebook account, Pinterest and to Twitter and the more links that are created between different sites and social media the easier it becomes for bloggers to be able to link all their internet marketing together.

The increasing importance of being able to link social media and internet marketing with blogs and sites makes this latest development from WordPress just one of hopefully many that will come in the future to save time for millions of blogger around the world using WordPress.

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