How to Target Long Tail Keywords

"How to Target Long Tail Keywords"If you read my last post, you learned what long tail keywords are. With these very specific keywords, you can drive more quality traffic to your website, which translates to more success for you and your business. If you have a business that provides a specific service or product and you want to attract a higher quality traffic, then you are going to want to use long tail keywords. Since long tail keywords are so specific, targeting them requires a bit more effort than targeting general keywords. If you want to successfully target these keywords, you may find the following tips useful.

Use an Advanced  Keyword Analytics Tool. The first thing you should do is use an advanced keyword analytics tool to help you target your long tail keywords. These tools will help you determine which terms drive will drive the most traffic to your site.

Search for Long Tail Variations. Once you have determined which terms drive traffic to your site, you should search for long tail variations of these words. There are tools that you can use, such as the Keyword Tool offered by Google, that will allow you to located long tail variations of the keywords you have found for your site.

Use Google. Another option for targeting long tail variations of your keywords is to simply use Google itself. You can type the head term that you are trying to target into the search box on the site and Google Suggest will automatically recommend some long tail variations of your targeted keywords for you.

Feature the Long Tail Keyword. You will want to feature the chosen long tail keyword in your URL, the title of your page, your H1 tags, as well as throughout your content. When you feature the long tail keywords throughout these aspects of your website, you will have greater success with it.

Provide Additional Contextual Content. You will want to provide additional contextual content to your site, as well as videos, pictures and offers. Doing this will convert the site visitors that you have attracted with your long tail keywords so that you can see greater conversions to your site.

Using these tips, you can target long tail keywords with ease. Using long tail keywords will help to attract more quality traffic to your site, which will ultimately translate to greater success for your website and your business. You will truly be amazed by how powerful these keywords can be for your business.

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