How to start your passive income streams on a tight budget

Passive-Income-Stream-300x225I love passive income. It’s great the way you can plan an income stream, then you can wake up in a morning to lots of payment notifications. Not to mention I live in Portugal and in summer all I want to do is go swimming or sunbath on the beach and I can do that knowing that when I get home I will have made passive income.

My passive income can come from a variety of sources such as advertising revenue, ebooks, reviews, Adsense and a whole variety of other monetisation methods.

All I have to do is write blog posts, which I love to do (I talk a lot so blogging certainly comes naturally!) and then just keep an eye on my traffic levels to make sure they don’t dip too much.

The point I am making here though is that this can be achieved relatively cheap and you can build as many as you like even when you’re on a tight budget. We work as a double team – Dominic builds the site and then I do the content and then Dominic goes on to monitor the traffic.

An authority website can become a success in just 60 days simply by blogging each day to it and by completing some basic SEO.

And I know this because I have done it!

After you have done your initial posting you can relax and tame it down to 4-5 times a week and then watch as your traffic grows and grows.

The way it works is that the more content you produce in your niche, then the more traffic you will generate. Therefore if you dropped your blogging to once a month you would get the traffic you already have BUT you wouldn’t get the chance to expand on it.

If you carried on and did blog daily (without cutting down) you will find that over a year you will EASILY be able to generate 10,000 visitors a day without it feeling like hard work.

The basic thing to remember here is that you can do this in any niche as long as you write compelling unique content every day (no PLR) that Google can index and fall in love with you.

Think the movie 50 First Dates – every day you want to get Google to fall in love with you until after 60 days when they decide you are officially good enough to join the authority crowd.

Then you can take your site to the next level and the next level.

The beauty about simple websites is that they can be put together really quickly and cheap. Then if you decide you just want one big one, then you simply drive more content to the one site instead of multiple websites.

I am in the process at the moment to downsizing to just one authority website but the fun part is you can then CHOOSE how many sites you will have and how your future business model will then look.

Now instead of thinking about this, go off and do it :)

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