How To Prevent Website Duplication

"How To Prevent Website Duplication"It is one of the biggest fears any Web master has; you browse the World Wide Web and find that an article, a blog post, a photo or an entire page or your Web site has been copied and is being used on someone else’s site. When you find this information out, it feels as if a ball of lead has fallen into your stomach and your heart sinks to your knees. You know what is going to happen next, and you know that it is not going to be pretty.

You see, when any aspect of your Web site is copied, not only does it feel like you have been violated, but it also completely affects the success of your business. When search engines do their crawls, they will more than likely find that there is duplicate content, which will impact your search engine ranking and your success.

I know it is really lousy, but unfortunately, there are people out there that are looking to make a quick buck and they will do anything, including cheating by stealing your content, to do so. In order to avoid having any aspect of your Web site duplicated, here are a few pointers that you can follow.

Copyright Your Web Site: In order to avoid your site from being duplicated, copyright it. Register a copyright on your Web site, which will show that you have the sole ownership of all content on the site. If you find that any aspect of your site has been copied, you can fall back on the copyright to show that you are the original owner of the content.

Install Protective Software: You can install protective software onto your Web site to ensure that the content is not compromised. Keep in mind, however, that this may be costly, but in the end, while it may cost you to install the software, it may end up saving you a great deal of money.

Use A Duplicate Content Checker: It is sound advice to use a duplicate content checker to keep tabs on the content of your site. If you know that the content on your site is unique, it should never show up as being duplicated with one of these content checkers; if it does, then you know your site has been compromised and you can follow suit with appropriate action.

While all of these tactics may help to protect you from having you Web site duplicated, do know that it is still difficult to completely protect your site and that you may experience site duplication at one point or another. It really is the nature of the beast.

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