How To Optimise Your Youtube Videos

"How To Optimise Your Youtube Videos"There is no doubt about it, using youtube to drive traffic to your website is a really effective method but so many people just seem to miss out in seeing the very best results because they just don’t optimise their videos properly. The funny thing is though, optimising a video is simplicity itself and just you wait for the massive surge of traffic which will follow.

I’ll go through it so that you will know exactly what to do but I have no doubt that you will instantly see how easy and straightforward it all is. Let’s start with the title, most people will simply put in a short title but you can actually use up to 100 characters. This can equate to 15 words so makes sure you take advantage of this, do a bit of keyword research in the normal way and simply use the most attractive words and phrases.

Next there is the video description, this can be up to 5000 characters but I would advise you to keep this description to the point. Don’t try and use up all of the characters but instead include text which is direct and to the point but it is good to have some leeway to get your point across and with 5000 words available you certainly don’t have to squeeze the video description in.

Next we have the tags, I find that when internet marketers start to use youtube for the first time it is the tags that they really neglect, there are 120 characters available to use in the tags and to be honest, this is where I would spend most of my time. It is the tags that can really propel your videos to the top of the search engines so use your keyword research skills to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck.

One more little tip which I will share with you today which really is the icing on the cake, provide a transcript of your video, obviously some videos will lend themselves to be able to do this more than others but if your video revolves around a review of a product or something like that, just imagine how well you will be able to optimise it in the form of a transcript, not to mention that you will also be able to interact with viewers who may have trouble listening to the video.

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