How To Make A Quick Profit In Any Niche

"How To Make A Quick Profit In Any Niche "This is one of my favourite ways for making a quick profit online and it can easily apply to any niche. Whether you are in the gardening niche, work with pets, game consoles or even the food industry this will work perfectly for you.

Take the Playstation 3 for example. We bought ours a couple of years ago now. When we did it was to have a multiple of uses. It was going to provide us with British Television through the TV on demand; it was going to be for games, it was going to be for movies too – such as Netflix & Now TV.

Gone are the times when a games console is just used for playing games and why I probably use it more than Dominic :)

But you know what the first thing I bought after getting Dominic the Playstation for Christmas a few years ago?

It was a proxy server so that I could watch TV programmes from around the world that are not licensed in Portugal. It costs me ten pounds a month and is a recurring payment. It is also the first of many accessories for my new system.

We didn’t spend that much on accessories but there are many more that spend a lot more than me. My brother in law doesn’t think twice about spending £500 on accessories for his PS4. My Dad has endless accessories for his RV and I have the biggest DVD collection going – I have enough to open a chain of Blockbuster branches!

My point……

That instead of selling the main product that most people have already purchased why not specialise in accessories?

You can sell car mats for new car owners, spare blades for food processors or even pens for the work at home mum.

All you would have to do is see what the trends are in your niche and then provide the accessories. And lets face it most people that get accessories for their new product will buy multiple products at once.

You could take the same business model to offline marketing – sell social media tools with your affiliate links to the prospective users at the same time as selling them your social media packages.

Even if you set up their social media accounts for them the once, you then get backend sales from their recurring Hootsuite package.

Easy cash and as you are answering their needs and solving a problem it is an easy sale.

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