How To Have Website Traffic Eager To Buy Even BEFORE They Reach The Sales Page

"How To Have Website Traffic Eager To Buy Even BEFORE They Reach The Sales Page"There are lots of different ways of how they tell us we must sell to a customer and how many pages they must pass before they hit the order now button. However this particular method I do not see used that often and wanted to share with you my blog readers.

I was working with another client on his site and he had bought the site on Flippa and the sales funnel had been set up just for affiliate income only. Apart from the blog there was nothing else that they personally owned it was all from the asset of him building an affiliate mailing list and then offering products that were appropriate to the list.

But how often do you get sent straight to the sales letter from an affiliate email and think not again. This is one of the reasons why DSM Publishing doesn’t promote affiliate offers. After all why promote other offers when I have plenty of my own and get to keep the whole amount.

Anyway back to this.

I signed up to his Aweber list just to see how the sales funnel worked. And I clicked on the affiliate link in the email and it took me to a small page advertising a great new traffic method.

Not much information on the actual page but very good in terms of making me want to find out more information about this product. And there was a big red button to get further information.

No opt in or anything to buy on the page.

When I did click on the button I was taken to a sales letter page that I had seen a lot lately. So all that the Flippa seller had done was put a page in between the email and the sales letter.

And this is called a pre-sell page.

"How To Have Website Traffic Eager To Buy Even BEFORE They Have Reached The Sales Page"

If you have never used them you are in for a shock because they are very effective. Not with all products though but with the majority of them. In the same way that you will have often been sent via a blog post review in between an email and a sales letter. Its just the same thing but done in a different manner.

It always amazes me why more affiliates don’t use pre-sell pages as it totally personalises the experience and turns more website visitors into buyers.

The point of a pre-sell page is to warm up the visitors before they purchase at the actual sales page.

Your job is NOT to sell the product as that is the job of the product owner but your job is to warm them up before it is sold to them.

The best way I have always found to sell affiliate products is to explain how this product has helped me. They can then relate to my own personal experiences to the product before they decide if the product is right for them or not.

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