How To Get Your Content Into Google News

"How To Get Your Content Into Google News"The savvy internet marketers out there know only to well that if they can get content onto Google News it will show in the search engine results more or less straight away. The benefits of this are obviously enormous but how an earth do you get content on Google news so that you can take advantage of the large amounts of traffic that will come from it.

The first way to do it is to build your very own Google news website but if you decide to go down this route please bear in mind that not only are Google extremely strict regarding which news sites they accept but it also takes an awful lot of work. You just can’t add content to it when you feel like it, ie, every other week, it has to be a website which is a news site in every sense of the word and we all know that news happens every day, and lots of it!

The other option would be to submit an article to an already established Google news website so that you can get the instant benefits without the hassle of maintaining a n actual Google new site. As you might expect, this can be quite expensive and one of the best way to do this is to take out a subscription so that you can add a number of articles over a set period of time.

It has to be remembered that a Google news article has to be well written. You will be up against established news sites such as national newspapers and you will find that if your article is not up to standard anyway, the owner of the Google news website will not accept it or it could put their livelihood at risk.

You are obviously allowed to put a link back to your own website within the article but any hint of trying to jeopardise the quality of the content will simply mean that the article won’t get accepted.

When all of this has been taken into account it is quite amazing how quickly the article appears in the search engine rankings, more often than not within a matter of seconds so if you write on a subject that is proving to be popular at that particular time the traffic that can be gained will be very good indeed.

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